Monday, April 15, 2013

If Romney Were President...

...we'd be at war with North Korea tomorrow. (Boston Globe)

P.S. the label has nothing to do with this post, but Rush Limbaugh is a BFEI.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Post-Election Insight

This is how Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone nailed the confusion and anguish that will trip the Republican Party for months to come:
There's been a lot of hand-wringing among conservatives of the Rush/Hannity school in the last few days, a lot of concern about this outreach question, and honestly, the tone of the discussion is beginning to sound like the last days of a failed 1950s marriage. The husband who's gone all day at work comes home and throws his hands up in the air in mock frustration: what do you want from me, another Cadillac? Another fur coat? I just got you new shoes last week! And the wife, who's loved this man for 20 years despite his abject stupidity, just sighs. All she wants her husband to do is listen to her, or take a day off work sometime and take her for a drive in the country, or make some spontaneous show of affection, maybe popping home for lunch like in the old days – just some evidence that he's even faintly aware of what's going on in her head. But when they try to talk it out, things just get worse, because in his very manner of asking her what's wrong, all hubby does is reveal that he thinks of his wife entirely as a nagging, financial parasite who's always on his ass about something. Similarly, the fact that so many Republicans this week think that all Hispanics care about is amnesty, all women want is abortions (and lots of them) and all teenagers want is to sit on their couches and smoke tons of weed legally, that tells you everything you need to know about the hopeless, anachronistic cluelessness of the modern Republican Party.
(Emphasis added.)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Media's Liberal Bias = Facts

Every time you hear a Romney surrogate speak these days you are likely to hear a complain about how the media has a liberal bias. If by media you mean people who report facts, then yes: the media has a liberal bias because they report facts. Facts are something that Republicans have little regard for. For Republicans facts are something you tweak until they match their fantasy of how things are or should be.

If your campaign strategy is that you will say whatever suits you, contrary to all empirical evidence, and if you openly state that you will not let fact-checkers dictate your campaign, then everything the media reports will look like it's biased against you. It's really that simple.

I Am Starting To Think Obama Will Win

President Obama botched policy and communication in the first term. He was too timid on policy and failed to adequately communicate his accomplishments to the nation. You'd think he'd be in a hole too deep to dig himself out and win re-election. Unless... Unless his opponent dug an even deeper hole for himself every time he opens his mouth.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Ryan: The Anus and the Rant

Those are not exactly Paul Ryan's words. His exact words (about the absence of the word God from the Democratic Party Platform) were:
It’s not in keeping with our founding documents, our founding vision. I’d guess you’d have to ask the Obama administration why they purged all this language from their platform. There sure is a lot of mention of government. I guess I would just put the onus and the burden on them to explain why they did all this, these purges of God.
Kaili Joy Gray of the Daily Kos does a bang-up job of dissecting the latest (but not last) bit of pandering to the fringe by Paul Ryan, a man who truly has nothing to teach about god. To anyone.

Monday, September 03, 2012

No One Touches Hunter

Hunter of the Daily Kos is my favorite writer, and here's why (from "The Chronicles of Mitt"):
Today is apparently "Labor Day," according to my advisers. I had never heard of it, but from what I understand it is a day in which all the people of America cease their activities and live only on the earnings in their stock portfolios. I have done that with frequency, but I was never aware there was a special day to honor the practice.

Happy Labor Day!

OSHA budget goes up, number of fatal work injuries goes down. Republicans, of course, want to roll back regulations. I forget, what was that about the government being the problem, not the solution?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh, Hunter! You Are So Eloquent!

Hunter writes better than anybody I read. Here's a gem: "Well, here ya go, Steve King's press person. Knit a silk purse out of this pile of crap". If you want to know what the pile of crap is, read the latest installment of Ugly Republicans, a.k.a. Repuglycans.
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