Monday, March 07, 2011

CEOs v. Teachers, as Seen Through The Talking Asses of Fox News Corp

Courtesy of The Daily Show.

Tax Breaks in Bizarro World

If by Bizarro World you mean the United States, that is. But wait: isn't Bizarro World suppose to be the opposite of what earhtly things? That may not be a bad idea, given how ass backwards we earthly things are doing things (at least in the U.S.=

Read how Tom Cruise, Gov. Hickenlooper (D-CO) and a host of tax dodgers pay close to nothing in taxes on their 200+ acre properties.

Then, also from Think Progress, read how Gov. Scott (R-FL) is seeking to slash teachers' pay to fund corporate and property tax breaks.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Anti-gay Marriage Bill Goes Down in Wyoming

Apparently not all Republicans are seeking to meddle with the private lives of Americans. So kudos to the Wyoming legislature for rejecting an attempt to pass a law that would have caused civil unions sanctioned by other states of the Union to be voided once a gay couple entered Wyoming.

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Don't get me wrong: the people who introduced the bill were also almost entirely Republican, so we still have a long way to go in bringing about the equality that everybody deserves. Still, it's an encouraging sign.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Media News

Keith Olbermann is back! Non on TV yet, but he has his own website, called FOK News Channel (FOK = Friends of Keith). His logo looks a lot like Fox News Channel's, it'll be interesting to see if they sue him. But he is pretty smart, isn't he? So my hunch is that before putting the logo on the website he probably got good legal advice.

In other media news, Frank Rich is moving to New York Magazine after 31 years at the NYT.

Boycott and Defeat Koch Industries

Boycott Koch Industries. The Koch Brothers are a truly destructive influence on American politics. You can read more about them here (scroll down the page to see a list of products you should boycott) and here.

Yes, my money is but a drop in the ocean of billions that go to Koch Industries everywhere, but why should I support their regressive political activities with my money? Resistance has to begin somewhere. So vote with your dollars.

Fox News Lies, It Cannot Broadcast in Canada

Good for our neighbors to the North: They refused to change a law which prohibits broadcasting licenses to be issued to organizations that lie and deceive their listeners, which for all effects and purposes practically closes the door on Fox News-like organizations.

One has to wonder why such a law does not exist in the United States. Yes, I know, the First Amendment goes a long way in granting people the right to misinform. The question is: should it?
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