Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's God So Angry For?

Remember, Katrina was punishment for New Orleans's godlessness. So what is God so angry about now?


Jake said...

Hey Sirfab - I hope you're doing well. Of course, I hope you realize that there are plenty of other explanations of things like Katrina, and the recent cyclones in Myanmar, than the overly simplistic "God is angry" arguments given by some fundamentalist Christians. :-) Such people are correct that the Bible does speak at times of God's judgment - they are incorrect in thinking that they are in any way able to determine when that judgment occurs. And singling out specific groups for judgment (ie. the ACLU, homosexuals, etc.) doesn't seem to be something that even God typically does - at least not as far as I can see in the Bible.

Just my $.02. The Falwells of the world definitely don't represent what I consider to be biblical Christianity.

Sirfab said...

Understood and agreed to. It is obviously not my intent to fault God for natural disasters, more than it is to praise Him for my team Superbowl's victory. But then again, I am not a Reverend with a national audience :-)

I hope you are doing well, too, my friend.

Tom said...

Hey Fab,

So what is it about conservative Christians and anger? I think there are likely deep issues there. Although I don't agree with him on lots of things, I did appreciate it when Mike Huckabee said, "I'm as conservative as any other candidate, I'm just not mad at anyone." That did seem to set him apart from most social conservatives.

Sirfab said...

Hi Tom, good to have you back!

Mike Huckabee is indeed a very strange fellow. Personally it is almost impossible not to like him, although some of his attitudes were unsettling to the point of frightening (for example, he does not believe in Evolution and said that it would be simpler to change the constitution to fit the Bible than viceversa--true, but not exactly a comforting thought). His heart seems to be in the right place, his logic, though consistent from a faith standpoint, is suspect for a person who was seeking the highest office in the land. I would probably want Huckabee for a friend sooner than I would want him as my elected official.

In any case, he represents a type of evangelical which seems to be all but invisible in election years.

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