Thursday, February 04, 2010

Splendid Ed Schultz Rant From Connecticut Free Clinic

First off, I'll say that I am not Ed Schultz's greatest fan. Often I consider his style unnecessarily abrasive, but his heart and mind seem to be fully behind health care reform. He has been an outspoken advocate of single-payer healthcare and/or the public option. Well, today Ed Schultz was in Hartford, where the National Association of Free Clinics was holding a one day-event to provide free visits, vaccinations, antibiotics and exams for over one thousand CT residents unable to afford or obtain health insurance.

Broadcasting from the Hartford Convention Center, Schultz went into an impromptu rant about the lack of compassion and decency that Congress and the President have shown to the people who suffer for the United States' unwillingness to treat all of its sons and daughters not equally but fairly in the face of health adversity. It is not often that you see someone so passionate and so compassionate use his mic and the cameras in front of him to shed light on the desperate plight of so many and on the national disgrace that many insist on calling the best health care in the world.

As a bonus, Ed Schultz called Sen. Lieberman a coward (for not standing up for the people of Connecticut and, presumably, for never accepting to defend on camera his indefensible obstructionism against the public option.) I will go one step further and call Sen. Lieberman what he is: an accessory to second-degree murder. He along with all those who stalled health care reform by threatening to filibuster any bill that contained the public option.


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