Sunday, December 11, 2011

If It's Good For Bill Kristol, Well, It's Not Very Good

Hunter did it again at the Daily Kos.

In 6 brilliant, cutting paragraphs (plus two perfectly appropriate quotes) he destroys the mythical wisdom of serious Republicans such as that of the unfortunately very real Bill Kristol.

My favorite passage is this:
In any event, the sort of people that intellectual giant William Kristol praises as fellow intellectual giants should, at the least, give a person pause. The fellow who is currently pining for Paul Ryan to come save conservatism from the wreck of the current campaign season was previously pining for Sarah Palin to fill the same role. 

The rest of Hunter's post is here.


Steve Schuler said...

Hey Fabrizio!

I read the article you linked to and it only adds more evidence to support my hypothesis that we are not, in fact, living on the 'Real' planet Earth, but are instead stranded on 'Bizzaroworld'.

Oh Mighty No-God, awaken us from this ludicrous dream! The sooner the better!



Steve Schuler said...

Oh yeah!

I forgot to mention that I am more than willing to sacrifice the lives of other people's children fighting in a war against medievally minded warlords living in mud structures halfway around the world to ensure and protect Bill Kristol's right to be as publicly bat-shit crazy as he wants to be.

You see, I am a True Patriot!

Peace Through Superior Firepower,



Having the True God on Our side certainly suppliments the Superiority of our Firepower considerably, don't you think?

Sirfab said...
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Sirfab said...

Steve: I was looking for a Like button, then I realized this is not Facebook.
Go check out my latest post, Sad, True and Maddening. It highlights another gem by Hunter, who is solidly my favorite blogger at Daily Kos.

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