Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why He, A Principled-Conservative, Bible-Believing Protestant, and Counter-cult Expert, Will Vote for Mitt Romney

As the election season approaches, the Constructive Curmudgeon regales us with the reasons why he, a principled blah blah blah, will vote for Willard Mitt Romney in the November elections. The real reasons? The Curmudgeon enthusiastically welcomed Sarah Palin as the VP candidate of the last Republican presidential ticket, he supported Michele Bachmann this time around. In other words, in spite of all claims of logic in support of his choices, the guy votes Republican because he hates Democrats, which he is entitled to.

He'd never vote for a Democrat, like I would never vote for a Republican, and he rationalizes his distaste for Democrats and cloaks it in a smokescreen of alleged good reasons when, in fact, he offers really none (unless you consider lines like "the alternative to Romney is [...] the end of America as it was founded and as we know it" an example of a good reason, in which case you have bigger problems than agreeing with the Curmudgeon.

If the choice were between a Democrat and an orangutan in Republican garb, the Curmudgeon would come up with a list of "good" reasons why the orangutan would make a better president for America. Lucky for him, many Republicans reason just as well as orangutans do.

(P.S. If you want to read his official reasons, complete with factual inaccuracies and simply made up stuff like [Obama supports] "the federal takeover of health care, leading to rationing, inefficiency, and a loss of personal freedom. You will be paying for abortions. Some would rather go to jail than do this", "A growing and perhaps insurmountable debt, mortgaging our future, and making us like Greece", and the completely fantastic "Further evisceration of our military and cut backs in military benefits" you can read the whole sorry post here.)


Steve Schuler said...

Hey Fabrizio!

Like Doug always says in his role as a "Counter-Cult Expert", "The best way to counter a cult is to support, vote for, and pray for the election to the office of President of the United States of a prominent cult member." The cult, in this case of course, being Mormonism.

But what else could he do in a fallen world?

Principled, my ass!

Steve Schuler said...

By the way, Doug has a new blog titled, "Defeating Obama, Electing Romney", although I think he should have called it, "I Hate Obama Much More Than I Love The Truth".

See it at:

Sirfab said...

Dear Steve:

A few months ago I made the choice to unfriend Doug on Facebook: It was the best thing I did in a long time. I couldn't stand it any longer to read Doug's vicious, uninformed, lying screeds against Obama, Democrats, statists, Christianophobes, etc. Even worse, the replies of his friends were generally in kind, which means that his Facebook page had become an echo chamber for the politically stupid, vitriolic, uninformed, Fox-led, and irremediably biased.

Out of curiosity, I did check out his new blog, and it's just more of the same. He makes the usual tired, unsubstantiated accusations, using the very ad-hominems that he routinely accuses his opponents of using against him (and for which he has banned them from his blog); he regurgitates conservative myths about the supposed military weakness of Obama (neglecting the fact that this president has used military aggression as much, if not more, than any of his recent predecessors), about out-of-hand deficits--most of which he inherited as a result of Bush's policies and tax cuts to the wealthy, and which he did make an attempt to fix; and he used a black background for his blog (did you notice? I am sure he intends that in some sort of semi-subliminal way, clever as he thinks he is.)

I will keep pointing out the stupidest things he writes, particularly those that show how his bigotry and his Old Testament, draconian impulses prevail over his supposed Christian, loving side. For all I see, he is the perfect Christian parallel to the destructive Islamic influences he professes we need to fight against*.

* If he says there is a difference between those who fly planes into a building and those who simply point out heresies, bigotry, etc., there is, of course. But the problem is that those who would carry out heinous acts of violence always find their own justification in the thoughts and words of those who preach hatred. Now the difference is that those who preach hatred here can take cover under the U.S. military and its imperialistic bent and wash their hands clean of the consequences of what they preach. So in this country you can preach that Islam is an enemy that must be defeated, that Sharia is coming to town, that Islam is the subversion of all that is American, as characters like Frank Gaffney do (and Groothuis, who does not post a single truly original thought on his blogs, reprises) because your government's military will do your bidding for you, without you losing face in the process. What a sham!

John Stockwell said...

Douglas Groothuis is what we in the US call a "yellow dog Republican" meaning that he would vote for anybody, including a "yellow dog" if it ran on the Republican ticket.

He wrote a screed on the Constructive Curmudgeon blog several years ago equating Mormonism with Islam. Groothuis hates Islam. In fact, he hates anything that does not fall under the umbrella of Groothuis-ism.

Now that he is "chairperson of the Philosophy department" at the Denver Seminary, he will be even more insufferable.

The guy has to have a skeleton in his closet that will come rattling out one of these days....or maybe that is just too wishful of thinking...

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