Thursday, June 28, 2012

Explain This

Libertarians, Republicans, and heartless curmudgeons need to explain to me why it is not acceptable to have a society in which some people are "wards of the state" but it is perfectly fine for people to be chained to their employer(s).

Case in point:
Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans file bankruptcy because they cannot afford their medical bills. Thousands more are locked into jobs their [sic] hate because they cannot risk losing their employer-provided health insurance while they have a preexisting condition. (Ian Millhiser posted from ThinkProgress Justice on Jun 27, 2012 at 10:12 pm)
So: It is socialism, hence unacceptable, for the State to provide health care services to residents who pay taxes (presumably for the privilege of maintaining the most bloated military in the world). It is the triumph of liberty when people are turned into indentured servants, chained to their employer(s) because they have medical conditions which would be too costly to manage without the benefit of health insurance provided by a corporation that enjoys rates unknown and unavailable to individuals

This is the philosophy of those, like Mitt Romney, who advise everyone to go and create a business, be successful, while failing to mention that it's often the self-starters who are barred by prohibitive costs from participating in the health insurance market. (And imagine what kind of idiot it takes to propose a society where everybody should pursue the ambition of being a tycoon or small business owner: Who would work for these entrepreneurs? No one, because according to idiots like candidate Romney we should all strive to be independent business people. Oh, and corporations are people.)

May a giant dick fall from the sky and jail-rape these idiots. 

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