Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bill Moyers Editorial on Health Care Reform

Oh dear, oh dear: another bullseye by Bill Moyers. Wherein mighty Moyers reveals the revolving door through which insurance interestes come and go to influence the position of Max Baucus's Senate Finance Committee on health care reform and why reform will serve not your interest, but the insurance industry's.

And as Moyers says in his closing sentence, after you watch his editorial, "don't just get mad: get busy."

Oh, and by the way, Moyers's interview with Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) and former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson, about the financial crisis and missed opportunities, is a "must view", too.

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Anon said...

Where is America's healthcare reform?
There is little doubt that something should be done to remedy the problems, most of them caused by politicians, with America's healthcare system. But all I have seen is more of the same: line the pockets of the politicians, the pharmaceutical, insurance, and other 'health' firm executives, at the expense of the American public. Our representatives have publicly stated that it is impossible for them to read the bill in its Legislative entirety and that they will vote based upon the 'plain language' summary. I ask you; should your elected representative vote for, or against, something that they can not even read in the form that ACTUALLY MATTERS??

The following is the REAL healthcare 'problem' that your representatives should be addressing:

I cried tonight, helpless, as I watched America upon her death bed.
I railed against the politicians who ignored the symptoms of the cancerous corruption that ate at her while greedily imagining what else they could do to acquire a share of her inheritance.
I screamed silently at the citizens, so busy struggling beneath the burden of government, that they had no time to spare for visiting the old lady and considering all that made her great.
I read the charts, so visible, and struggled to sense the truth of her condition in the hurried scribbling of the press.
Her blood was corrupted by the lack of truth flowing from her heart in Washington and was eating inexorably at the citizenry that was her flesh.
Her muscles, weakened by politicians who failed in their duty to remain steadfast to her constitution, could not withstand the assault of a President blatantly twisting them.
Her bones and tendons cracked and tore as business leaders, anxious to fill their pockets, stretched them beyond endurance to encompass a world that was not hers.
Her mind, assailed by so much wrong and so much pain, could no longer distinguish reality from fantasy, truth from falsehood, right from wrong, and was ceasing to even try.
Her prognosis wasn’t good but I thought, and I hoped, that someone might, yet, come to her aid and end her inexorable fall.
As is the way of things; powers greater than I will decide her fate. I can only pray, and beg, those powers to do what is right while, in my heart, knowing that they are no longer listening.
I cried tonight, helpless, as I watched America upon her death bed and wept more for all of the generations to come who would not have a chance to truly know her.
AMERICA! She was a GREAT lady!

THAT'S plain language. If your representative can't understand it, I respectfully suggest that you replace him/her with someone who can!

May God help us all!


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