Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Night Highlights

Tonight, Bill Moyers interviewed Mark Danner, a journalist whose work I was not previously familiar with, but whom I was lucky to "meet" on tonight's Bill Moyers Journal. His splendidly lucid analysis of Obama's Nobel Prize, the war in Afghanistan and--basically--how the 9/11 was the bait that U.S. enemies to draw the United States into a quagmire, much like they had done with the Soviet Union, is not to be missed.

Also on the Journal, a gracious look at the much maligned work of community organizers, the folks who--day in, day out--step up to the plate to make up for the gross mismanagement of our communities by the corrupt and callous politicians (like Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani, the shameful opportunist featured at the beginning of the segment) who view them like fiefdoms instead.

Finally, an enlightening, urgent and moving look at the state of nursing in the United States by the always wonderful and educational Now. You can watch it below.

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