Monday, January 25, 2010

Is The Obama Administration About To Go "Full Retard"?

If alienating progressives, watching from the sidelines during the whole health care reform fiasco, bailing out the banks that failed instead of rewarding the ones that didn't while ignoring the plight of the new homeless, escalating the war in Afghanistan, keeping Guantanamo open and continuing many despicable (and counterproductive) policies of the Bush administration were not enough, it now seems that Obama and his advisers may have opted to go "full retard" (to quote the highly funny Tropic Thunder) by freezing discretionary spending for the next three years--in the middle of a recession. In other words, instead of taking the good lessons from FDR and building on them, he would seem to have chosen to follow the bad ones instead, presumably to see if they get him different results. This is at least what Jed Lewison and Eugene at the Daily Kos are guessing, and preparing themselves for.

I, on the other hand, am hoping--though without holding my breath--that the spending freeze will be achieved by cutting things like corporate welfare, abstinence only sex ed (isn't that an oxymoron?), aid to red states/counties whose governors/congressmen blast federal spending while taking advantage of it, etc.

We will find out as early as Wednesday during the State Of The Union address, I guess.

(And now, to cheer you up after such depressing possibilities, I am embedding the "Never go full retard" clip from Tropic Thunder.)

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