Friday, January 22, 2010

One Angry Rant

David Michael Green's latest post is one long, angry rant against President Obama's first year as president. It's a bit much even for me, but some of the points Green makes are undisputable, for example this one about the president's enemies:
Start by not even realizing they are your enemies. Then, treat them with greater respect than your friends, even though they’ve run the country over a cliff. Defer to them at every opportunity. Consult with them even as they insult you to your face. Allow them to run Congress, even though they have small minorities in both houses. Never force them to vote against simple, popular legislation. Never call their bluffs. Never associate them with the destruction they’ve caused. Never label them the treasonous hypocritical liars that they are. Help them to resuscitate the comatose near-corpse of their political party, just before it’s about to die, so it can rise up and savage you.

The rest of Green's post is here.

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