Sunday, March 21, 2010

Does Prayer Really Work?

For the umpteenth time, it appears it does not. From the pages of The Constructive Curmudgeon:

You can imagine me snickering with delight then when this appeared on the pages of the Huffington Post a few hours later:

Either prayer does not work or, more frighteningly for Christocrats, prayer does work and

a) a larger number of people were praying to God that health care should pass, which then means that God finds it more important for people to have health care insurance than the "defeat this abortion-laden health care bill." What would that say about the Christocrats' God?
b) a larger number of people have prayed to Satan than they have to God, which should also dishearten the Christocrats.

Either way, you have to question the power of prayer. Personally, I would rather rely on old-fashioned boots on the ground activism than hands to the sky fanaticism, of any kind, but hey, that's only me.

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