Friday, March 12, 2010

Let Them Idiots Secede

I am all for letting Southern states secede. I have had enough of them. They are populated by too many idiots, bigots, and hypocrites who keep electing dicks (mostly Republicans with some Conserva-Dems) who make a living by railing against big Washington spending and handouts when most Southern states are, as it happens, the biggest net recipients of Washington handouts.

If that weren't enough, these disingenuous, conniving, and overbearing Congressfolks continue to financially rape those who elect them, in exchange for empty promises of restoring decency in America and protecting family values. Take for example the Mississippi high school that canceled its prom rather than have it "marred" by having a lesbian couple in attendance. So bless the ACLU for suing the idiots!

Back to secession: There is plenty of room in the surviving states of the Union for those who would inevitably be persecuted (you know, blacks, Mexicans, atheists, GBLT types, scientists, etc.) by the dumb idiots who would secede. We tried to create a great Union, and--alas--we were overwhelmed and overpowered by stupid.

We can no longer afford to let some inbred Senator from Oklahoma or Kansas halt environmental protections or health care reform while rising temperatures make glaciers melt and oceans boil over and thousands die every year for lack of access to health care. We can no longer live in a nation that allows credit card companies to exist that can charge 79% interest with impunity, or to let C students take us to war against the wrong country. We can no longer tolerate a whole class of bigoted electors and politicians who legally discriminate against those who were doomed at birth by their economic fate or who later in life found out that they were "differently-attracted".

We reasonable people are "unequally yoked" in an abusive, forced relationship with people who believe that it is more important to care for embryos than for those who have already landed amongst us, who believe that the world was created six thousand years ago by a petty, mean-spirited caricature of a deity who, for two thirds of our existence (based on the 6k year time-frame), ruled that adulterers should be stoned to death, that you are impure and should go to hell for eating shellfish, that you should treat your slaves fairly, etc.

We are up against a sea of idiots, who eat cheap lettuce picked by the same people that they rail against and would rather leave to die than spend a penny to treat in a national health care system; an army of retards, who rail against socialized medicine while themselves or their parents are alive because of Medicare or Medicaid; a coalition of the dupes, who complain about the decay of the American family and the middle-class, and then go on to elect serial adulterers and closeted homosexuals whose whose only cure for society consists of cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations while facilitating the exodus of jobs beyond American borders; a legion of failed Klansfolk, who attend tea parties holding up signs that depict president Obama as an African tribal leader, complete with bone through his nose and traditional garb, while their conservative heroes enjoy their all-expensed-paid retreat at a tropical golf resort, courtesy of their generous corporate lobbyists who are clamoring for labor laws to be relaxed and to return the U.S. to the days when child labor was all the rage.

I have had enough of all of them.

Let them secede. Let them live without the annoyance of the EPA, the FDA, the FAA, while their children get leukemia from drinking polluted water or die of dehydration induced by their e-coli infested hamburger meat, if they have been lucky enough to survive the runway crash that took the lives of most their fellow fliers when their Halliburton traffic-controller did not show up at work because he existed only on paper, so Dick Cheney could charge the government some more billions for services not actually rendered.

Let these idiots secede. Then the rest of us can go on with our lives, without having to subsidize these sanctimonious doofuses, and make a better place for those who want it.

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