Saturday, February 05, 2011

Celebrate Ronald Reagan's 100th Birthday, With The Truth

Ronald Reagan would be 100 if he were still alive today (give or take a few days, I don't really care what is birthday is). What I care about is the fact the conservatives revere him as the greatest president and always pray--literally, given the religiosity of many in the Republican Party--that all Republican candidates for office will shoot (figuratively, not in the Second Amendment sense) for the greatness of their prime icon. Except that, predictably, they ignore the facts about their ideological messiah.

Facts tell a very different story on the policies and principles of Ronald Reagan than his hagiographers would have you believe. Alex Setz-Wald lists a few such facts about Ronald Reagan in a post published at Think Progress. It is well worth a read, particularly for those whose view of Reagan is so distorted as to render it virtually unrecognizable from a historical perspective.

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