Thursday, February 10, 2011

Robert Reich Is Wrong (This One Time)

Robert Reich has a post on his blog in which he calls Republican attacks on job-killing regulations dumb. You won't hear me say it often, but this time I say Reich is wrong: the attacks are not dumb, they are clever. It is the people who give credit to the notion that regulations are stifling employment recovery, media figures and gullible members of the public alike, who are dumb. And the more they amplify this totally meritless message, the dumber they are, and the dumber they risk making the rest of us.

The Republican attacks against regulations are par for the course for the Republican establishment: they are dishonest, unsupported by facts, pulled out of the ass/mouth of some Republican strategist or other. In other words, another day at the office for Republicans.

The Republicans's wet dream is a return to what Paul Krugman called the Long Gilded Age, a period of not so distant American history (pre-New Deal) in which the public had nary a protection against the wealthy who wanted to raid the commons and enrich themselves even more at the expense of the working class and inequality ruled supreme. And the way the media are paving the road for them, they are not far from achieving their destructive goal.

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