Monday, August 06, 2012

How Not To Worry About Sick Leave

If you are an asshole zillionaire who owns a media empire that spreads misinfotainment every second of every minute of every hour of every day... (you know where this is going), then you don't see how paid sick leave adds anything worthwhile to the lives of the minions who work for you, and even less to the lives of the lucky bastards who don't.

If, however, you are not Rupert Murdoch, it is easy to see how providing paid sick leave to employees is not only a humane step to take in an increasingly inhumane country, but it is also a way to reduce on-the-job injuries (or deaths), to avoid the preventable spread of disease at work, not to the mention in the population at large, and how it would make the United States a little more worthy to listen to and a little less assholey to the rest of the world (not that any Repuglycans should care.)

And did I mention that the country that Rupert "Asshole" Murdoch hails from has paid sick leave laws, or that "The United States is the only rich country in the world that does not mandate any form of paid sick days or leave"?

And if you are a small business owner who thinks that the cost of providing sick leave to your employees would put you out of business, and therefore you oppose any sick paid leave proposal, then perhaps you should not own a small business.

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