Friday, August 10, 2012

Romney and His Tax Returns

If Romney does not release his tax returns people will think that what's in the returns is much more damaging than the continued criticism he gets for not releasing them. My guess: It would show how hypocritical his tax plan is, which lowers taxes on rich people like him and raises them for most other Americans. What kind of rationale, other than sheer greed--can you offer in favor of lowering taxes for people who already--legally--skirt most of what they are supposed to pay?

Releasing the tax returns would only serve to expose the limitless greed of wealthy robber barons like Romney, and would lay bare the false rhetoric according to which lower taxes would spur job creation. In fact, empirically, we know the reverse to be true: higher taxes--with job credits for keeping and creating jobs in America--would create jobs. Nothing else will.

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