Thursday, April 10, 2008

Intelligence Expelled, Dishonesty Refuted

Expelled!, the shamefully made, intellectually dishonest, and totally unintelligent movie about the alleged persecution of creationist scientists ("oxy-moron", anyone?) by the scientific community, is scheduled to be released on April 18th (don't be surprised if the release is postponed). Some suggest ignoring it, lest it should enjoy undeserved publicity. Some others say it is just too dangerously dishonest to be ignored. One such voice is that of Scientific American's editor-in-chief John Rennie, who says
Unfortunately, Expelled is a movie not quite harmless enough to be ignored. Shrugging off most of the film's attacks—all recycled from previous pro-ID works—would be easy, but its heavy-handed linkage of modern biology to the Holocaust demands a response for the sake of simple human decency.

Read the rest of the article here.

Do not spend money to go see this movie. Buy a "truth ticket" instead (as a stupidity offset for people who will go see it).

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