Friday, April 18, 2008

My Point ,Exactly.

Before you post your ungrounded, indefensible defense of Expelled, and Intelligent Design on this, or any other blog ask yourself this question:

"Should every cosmology department have someone who believes the Earth is the center of the universe?"

Then read the article the quote is from. If your answer is yes, if you still believe that ID is science (it isn't) and that Expelled is a momentum-changing event in the history of science (it may be, for reasons contrary to what you might believe), get down on your knees and pray to God that he gives you common sense. That's all you need: not a degree in biology, no knowledge of epistemology, no philosophical foundation: common sense is all you need to understand that ID is a ruse that creationists use to circumvent the separation of church and state.

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Jeff Burton said...

Sirfab, I saw the film last night! I didn't like it, but for very different reasons than you would. I must take this opportunity to retract and amend a previous comment I made on this blog. I had stated that the Hitler argument being advanced was NOT that Darwinism was a necessary or sufficient cause for the Holocaust. At least one person interviewed stated it was a sufficient cause. He's wrong and I was wrong in assuming the movie would not make that claim. One of the many reasons I did not like the film, though it was not totally lacking in merit. I will have more extensive comments on the film at my movie reviewing friend's site (I will post a link on my own blog when it's up).

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