Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Leader's Guide" Creationism

There is great article out on the blogsphere that demystifies the claim that intelligent design is not creationism in new clothes. It begins so:
While doing research for an earlier post I ran across a document called a “Leader’s Guide” on one of the official Expelled web-sites. This little bit of propaganda was created “to assist you with promoting the issues surrounding the film Expelled“, is filled to the brim with rhetoric, misinformation, out of context quotations, and half-truths that have been staples in the antievolutionist literature from long before the latest version, “intelligent design” evolved from it’s parent species “creation science” in the late 1980’s. To demonstrate the evolutionary link between these ideologies I will often follow quotes from the Guide (in blue for clarity) with quotes from pre-ID movement, “creation science” sources making identical, or nearly identical, statements.

You may read the rest of Expelled’s intelligent design theory - this IS your daddy’s creationism (Part I) here.

Once again, thanks to Pharyngula for pointing it out.


Bob M said...

Great side-by-side rebuttal to the "leader's guide" here.


Bob M said...


Did I get that link right?

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