Monday, June 08, 2009

Common Sense Health Care

I lifted the following comment from Robert Reich's Blog. John Lawrence is the name of the fellow who came up with the following considerations about the proper role of insurance in the health care market:
The proper role for private insurance companies is to provide supplemenary insurance above and beyond the basic health care insurance provided by the government as a human right. Wealthy people wanting the ultimate in gold plated insurance would be free to buy additional insurance. This might provide a clause guaranteeing that they would "get to see a doctor right away." Meanwhile everyone should be well-covered by the basic government provided insurance. This is the way it works in Holland and in most European countries where they have universal public insurance coverage at a reasonable cost.

So government provided universal health care insurance does not limit anyone's "freedom" or prevent anyone with the ability to pay to acquire health care insurance up the ying yang. All the freedom talkers about health care have their head up their ying yang, and they pervert the terms of the debate with all the talk about "you're going to have to wait in line."

Could anyone have said it better?

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