Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recount! What Recount?

The grapevine has it that, on Thursday, Iran's supreme leader will announce a serious recount of the votes cast in last Friday's election. Before you wish that we could have had a Supreme Leader instead of a Supreme Court in 2000, consider this: Almost a week has gone by. If a coup is taking place in Iran, as many have suggested, how hard do you think it could have been for the Interior Ministry to replace ballots or ballot boxes to show more "realistic" results, while preserving the outcome of an Ahmadinejad victory?

What is truly needed is a repeat of the vote, this time with international monitors, and a true count, one that does not declare a winner minutes after the polls have closed, when none of the millions of votes cast have yet been counted.

Some Republicans, like Sen. McCain, are faulting the administration for not taking a clear stance in defense of Moussavi and for not demanding clean, Democratic elections in Iran. Seriously? Is there anyone on the Republican side of the aisle who feels that the United States, of all countries, are in a position to tell another country who to run elections or recounts after the 2000 presidential election? Some people!

In any case, to the U.S. and Israel does it make any difference who won?

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