Sunday, July 22, 2012

Defense of "Freedom" Trumps Defense of Existing Life

Interestingly, none of the ubiquitous and cacophonous Evangelical voices that rant incessantly against abortions can be heard in support of strengthening gun control laws in the wake of the Aurora shootings*. Seems to me that would send a pretty strong message in defense of life. You know, the kind of life that religious megaphones seem to care little about: walking and talking, independently breathing life.

I guess that when money walks into the picture, support for the freedom of the NRA and the gun industry to continue on its deadly tack trumps belief in God, huh?

*Since misunderstandings are guaranteed, let me clarify: I am not saying that there many evangelical pastors did not eulogize the victims, or that there is a small numbers of "mavericky" evangelical pastors who want stricter gun laws. I am saying that I have not seen a post, read an article, or heard a comment on the mainstream media of one such pastor coming out in opposition to the unfettered freedom of the gun lobby to screw with the legislative process in our country. Misunderstanding? Poof!

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