Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh, Hunter!

You know, if the world were a fair place, Hunter at the Daily Kos would have a show called "Crush the Hacks" or something like it, and it would be watched by 200 million Americans every day, including weekends and holidays. As luck would have it, he has landed at Daily Kos a while ago and he has yet to write anything duller than spectacularly spot on and clever. And his latest post demolishes the spin, hackery, and incompetence of the Wall Street Journal's Gordon Crovitz (and of the rag that published the article). Oh, and by the way, let me quote this stunningly funny remark which I found via one of the links in Hunter's post (go find it), which comes from an interview with Vint Cerf:
Interviewer: Crovitz also writes approvingly of this blogger's quote (from 1999): "The Internet, in fact, reaffirms the basic free market critique of large government. Here for 30 years the government had an immensely useful protocol for transferring information, TCP/IP, but it languished...In less than a decade, private concerns have taken that protocol and created one of the most important technological revolutions of the millennia." Since you developed the TCP/IP protocol, I'd like to know your reaction.

Cerf: I would happily fertilize my tomatoes with Crovitz' assertion. "
But please click on all the links that Hunter provides that debunk Crovitz's asinine contention, particularly the last one, which ends with the following undeniable truth: "It's now so important for conservatives to claim that nothing good has ever come out of the federal government that they're literally willing to say anything. After all, how many of Crovitz's readers will ever read Hiltzik's response? One percent of them? Mission accomplished."

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