Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Saddest Thing I've Read Today

In a CNN article about the Aurora shootings, I've found this passage:
[...] Caleb Medley, who was shot in the head, lost an eye and sustained from [sic] brain damage. "The surgeon came and talked to us and said he'd be in ICU at least a week," said Medley's friend, Michael West, who set up a website to help take care of medical bills and the needs of Medley's family."
Medley, as it happens, was uninsured at the time of the shooting.

In what country, I ask you, do the friends or the family of a shooting victim have to set up a website to raise the money needed to pay the victim's medical bills? Only in truly sick, twisted country that has it values upside down; one in which people with guns will show up at a rally to protest the advent of quasi-universal health care. In sum: only in America.

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