Friday, February 29, 2008

End of February Gem

Today is an uncommon day. Happens only every four years (except on the beginning of a century). Still, it is not as uncommon as the day in February president bush has in mind.

P.S. No, it's not a typo. It's just that I can spell bush anyway I please, the president won't know the difference (and not because he does not know about my blog, very few do.)

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Evan Ravitz said...

Sir Fab,

Catching up on stuff I missed while in the wilderness in January, I came upon an old post of yours about using ballot initiatives to get public campaign financing. I totally support that. That is how 6 of 7 states got "clean elections".

But ballot initiatives are even more important than clean elections. History shows almost ALL reforms come from the people, often via initiatives. Whether it's Women's Suffrage, Medical Marijuana, Minimum wage increases, or other campaign finance reforms, we got them with ballot initiatives.

NATIONAL Ballot initiatives have kept the Swiss Parliament honest and representative for 160 years. And humble.

The best -and most doable- project for better and national ballot initiatives is from former Sen. Mike Gravel. YOU can vote to ratify it at, much as citizens ratified the Constitution at the Conventions!

Evan Ravitz,

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