Friday, February 15, 2008

Introducing Snuggly, The Security Bear

Those liberals scaremongers will say anything to taint the stellar reputation of our beloved president and his righteous administration on the homeland security front. Luckily, cartoonist Mark Fiore brought Snuggly to the rescue with a cartoon that even your most liberal friends will understand.

Introducing Snuggly, The Security Bear in...
The Spies Who Love You


Anonymous said...

Sirfab -- I saw some of your comments on Doug Groothuis' blogsite. How refreshing your voice was among all his army of neocon followers. It's absolutely maddening that the vast majority of Evangelicals today so zealously and unthinkingly support the War Party. Keep at it!

Sirfab said...

Thanks DF. As you say yourself, too many Evangelicals seem ready to embrace a position without really thinking it over, just because their religious leaders say so.

I don't mind a well-reasoned contrary opinion, but I am allergic to dogmatic thinking. And, apparently, you are too. Keep fighting!


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