Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Justice, Bush Administration Style

I would have called Gov. Siegelman's prosecution "justice, Republican style" if it were not for the fact that it disgusted some Republicans, too, such as former Arizona AG Grant Woods, one of the most vocal critics of the imprisonment of the former Alabama Governor.

In case you missed '60 Minutes' last Sunday, or if the owners of your local TV station are former business partners of George W. Bush and Republican donors, as the Bass brothers of WHNT are, and decided to black out the broadcast in your area...

(via Bradblog, and courtesy of CBS)

Now ask yourselves:

Do you really want to trust people like these with wiretapping your conversations (or, more likely, your congressman's) without a court order, or would you rather believe that this is just another example of the liberal media's dirty tactics against Saint George and Arcangel Karl?

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