Sunday, March 23, 2008

Expelled from... Expelled! The Movie

Not only did the makers of Expelled! resort to lying in order to get scientists to participate in their movie. On Good Friday, they actually expelled one of those scientist from a viewing of the movie (the irony is probably lost on their intelligently-designed brains), and are now spreading the lie that PZ Myers (the expelled scientist) and Richard Dawkins (the British biologist) were gatecrashers.

So that your head does not start spinning like the producers of the movie would like to happen, read the articulate, if a little peeved, review that Richard Dawkins wrote on his website. It is appropriately called "Lying for Jesus?". Because nothing on Easter weekend honors the producers' Lord and Saviour more than their spreading lies.

P.S. I thought I was going to have to see the movie because a) I had promised a kind college professor of the ID belief that I would go and discuss the movie with him, and b) because I thought I would need to see it to... disbelieve it. Now that this incident has surfaced, though, I hate the very thought of rewarding the movie producers with nine of my hard earned dollars. I might have to renege on a promise I made.


Jeff Burton said...

There is a lot of great material in that post, which I will be using in a class I am teaching at church. Thanks for the link.

I was amused by his use of the term "Gauleiter." I think you've gone on record condemning the ad hitlerum argument, the irony there must not have escaped you. Oh, wait. I just remembered how facilely you appealed to the events of he thirties and forties when arguing with me. I guess I'll just drop it...

Jeff Burton said...

Separate thought - though I am a proponent of Intelligent Design, I have reservations about this movie and its approach. I'm not sure it is the best way of going about things, but I'm reserving judgment until I see it.

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