Friday, March 28, 2008

The Truth, Expelled.

As we know, one picture is worth a thousand (misleading) words.

(This brilliant picture is from,
but I first spotted it on the brilliant

So much for the ID camp's attempt to blame the Holocaust on the Theory of Evolution.

Remember this picture when an ID supporter blathers on about the perils of believing in the theory of evolution (or Darwinism, as the ID camp prefers to call it; two distinct things, really, but who's paying attention...). Refocus the conversation on the perils of believing what you are told about the theory of evolution by people whose source of scientific knowledge is a(ny) sacred text, and provide this link as a starting point for refutation of common misleading/false claims that IDers and Creationists make.


Jeff Burton said...

ad Hitlerum arguments are just reprehensible. Ah, except, of course, when we are dealing with the Bush administration. Because, we know those people are just like Hitler!.

Sirfab said...

Wow, Jeff. You missed the point entirely.

That image is a response to the point that pervades Expelled!, that Darwinism is the justification that Hitler used to justify the Holocaust. Two, of course, can play the game, except it had better be corroborated by facts.

Saying that Darwinism gave Hitler justification for genocide is as stupid as saying that the Bible gave Hitler justification for genocide. (Except, of course, that the Old Testament does encourage genocide, and Darwin never did).

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