Thursday, March 20, 2008

President Blush

Last night, the hypocrisy-sniffing machine that is Stephen Colbert was on top of his game. It highlighted a new, unprecedented low for president blush, a man who has done more to redefine the dictionary definition of dishonor than anyone I have had a chance to witness in my lifetime.

An example of cowardice for future generations of con-passionate con-servative politicians.


Jeff Burton said...

Since this post consists only of name-calling, I'll jump in: much of your blog is just Daily Show cheerleading.

Sirfab said...

Jeff, I hate to correct you, but it is not The Daily Show. It is The Colbert Report. In any case, Stephen Colbert is a genius and president blush deserves much more name-calling than he gets. Not because he is a Republican, but because he is a crook in super-christy clothes, on an unprecedente scale in living memory.

Have a good weekend.

Jeff Burton said...

I stand corrected. I don't watch television, so I had to rely on my faulty memory. I apologize.

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