Friday, March 14, 2008

Spitzer v. Bush Administration

This week, the mainstream media kept us well focused on Elliot Spitzer's sexually charged downfall. Certainly it was newsworthy, particularly because Spitzer had risen to the office of the Governor of New York after a "knight in shining armor" type of career as the AG of that state, during which he--quite ironically--prosecuted many who were guilty of the charges he is now being investigated for.

Bill Moyer, the veteran PBS journalist and commentator, has different ideas about what constitutes a moral tragedy. Watch the March 14th edition of Bill Moyer's Journal, and thank your lucky stars he is alive and well. Then, rise up, let your lefteous outrage take over, and mark your calendars. Nov 4th, Liberation Day, is less than eight months away.


Jeff Burton said...

It's sad that you think handing the federal gov't over to the democrats is going to reduce wasteful government spending. But hey, at least it will be on stuff you care about like Woodstock museums. Maybe they'll open one up in CO.

Sirfab said...

Once again, your post has nothing to do with the article I posted.

This president has turned a surplus into the largest deficit in the nation's history faster than you can think (admittedly, that is not very fast).

If you had watched the informative segment which I linked to, you would know that not only billions of dollars have been squandered in Iraq. Billions more are literally unaccounted for.

So take off your blinders, open your ears, watch the program, and learn something. Then, if you have something intelligent to contribute, post again. You don't have to agree with me, but you have to elaborate your points. Until then, I will reject each and every post you submit.

Jeff Burton said...

Wow. That's harsh. I watched the beginning of the clip and it was about waste, fraud, and abuse in constructing the new American Embassy in Baghdad. I thought my post was applicable to that. You have very high standards, sirfab. I might not be able to continue here. I'm sure you many other commenters will pick up the slack if I leave.

Sirfab said...

Your mistakes are piling up. You should have watched the whole program, not just the beginning of one clip. No wonder you thought your post was applicable.

Strike two.

Jeff Burton said...

Maybe you could write a post documenting my mistakes - I know they are legion, and I've only been commenting for two whole days.

OK - I read the transcript to the end. I still don't understand why my comment is off-topic. The show was about waste, fraud, and abuse in government. My comment was on waste, fraud, and abuse in government.

If I had asked about the weather in Denver, that would be off-topic. If I started bragging about my squirrel skull colleciton, that would be off-topic. Bringing up the FACT that waste, fraud, and abuse is a bi-partisan pasttime is NOT off-topic.

Sirfab said...

Come on, Jeff! You brought up Woodstock museums. It was off topic, you still have not seen the program, you have read the transcript. (I am sure you speed-read it, too). You make too little effort.

Jeff Burton said...

It was not off-topic. Of course, the two cases are not comparable in absolute terms, but my point was that Republicans are not uniquely iniquitous with respect to flushing taxpayer money down the toilet. Wasteful govt spending probably makes me madder than it does you, me being a conservative and all. What I objected to is Moyer's pious handwringing over the Iraqi embassy. From someone who is part of the Johnson administration!

Sirfab said...
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Sirfab said...

Ok, now we are getting somewhere.

I am already familiar with the Woodstock earmark. I am not in favor of it myself. It is a good example of "pork", and both parties are guilty of it (and no, that does not make it better).

I considered your original comment off the mark because, while we can debate forever the legitimacy of the Woodstock grant, it is is in no way comparable to the lack of oversight by the Bush administration and Congress on how the government has squandered billions of dollars in Iraq. That, by the way, was the true topic of the segment on Bill Moyer's Journal: lack of oversight, not wasteful spending.

So, see, you don't have to agree with me to see your comments published. You just have to make a better case.

By the way, if you are interested, I will be posting soon a modest proposal for government spending reform.

Take care.

Jeff Burton said...

I salute your concern to keep government honest and guard the taxpayers' trust. I eagerly await your 2000 word post condemning the Democrats' attacks on McCain for insisting on competitive bidding for the Air Force's aerial tanker project. You will be delighted to know his maneuvers saved far more than the paltry 700 million that serpent Bush wasted on the Iraqi embassy.

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