Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Could Someone, Please?

My head's spinning.

Can someone please explain to me how President Bush and his alter-hawk and would-be successor John McBush be lecturing Russia about its aggression of Georgia?

How can these two, or anyone else, preach from their crumbling pulpit after their unwarranted, lie-based aggression of Iraq, and their stance against Iran? How can they lecture anyone about the value of diplomacy, their disappointment in Putin, and their condemnation of this aggression? Simply put, I think you have to be shameless hypocrites to do what they are doing.

Is John McBush really what we want after eight years of distortions, preachiness, and squandering of resources and goodwill? Can we be so duped as to elect the "worthy" successor to the man that dragged the reputation of the United States around the world in the gutter, and left its economy in shambles?

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