Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Misleading Curmudgeon

Dr. Groothuis, PhD, of The Constructive Curmudgeon and Denver Seminary, is a frequent guest of the Gino Geraci radio show, a Christocratic pulpit. Dr. Groothuis gleefully makes the most of all his appearances to attack liberal politics and politicians, and to peddle misinformation.

During his latest appearance, on Friday afternoon, he perpetuated a falsehood that I had already called him upon to correct on his blog. He again stated, incorrectly and with no regard for the truth or facts, that the last time he checked U.S. abortion laws were the most liberal on the planet (notice his leading use of the adjective liberal).

Perhaps Dr. Groothuis missed my correction of his March 08 post, which I also reprinted on my blog, in which case I hope that this post will serve as another reminder that he needs to update his knowledge. Or perhaps he is aware of my correction and has chosen to disregard it, in which case I guess he must think that god would endorse the protracted misinformation of one's readers and listeners (misinformation at best, wilful deceit at worst) if it is carried out in the service of the almighty, particularly when it may help to excite mindless Christians against a Democrat in an election. Call it a Hail Mary, if you like (or a Heil Cheney, if my suspicions on the professor are correct).

Dr. Groothuis: Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Deception.


Doug Groothuis said...


What I said was, "the last time I checked the US had the most liberal abortion law..." I did read your post, but didn't find any hard confirmation of what you claimed.

Sirfab said...

Dr. Groothuis:

In a comment in response to the post on TCC, and in a comment to my own Our Pro-Life Hypocrisy I posted a link to a page from the BBC, which details abortion laws around Europe. I hope that after perusing the page at your convenience you will cease and desist from representing U.S. abortion laws (as different as they are by state) as the most liberal in the world.

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