Saturday, August 16, 2008

The KKK Factor

KKK: it does not just stand for the white supremacist faction that would dread an Obama presidency and is comprised of a larger number of people than you can imagine. It also stands for this: you elect another Republican, for the third consecutive term of a Republican Friedmanite in the White House, and you're out! As in down and out!

Here is a shocking fact, though not completely shocking, given the total cluelessness of the average American voter: a large number of whites is seriously thinking of voting for McCain come November, simply because Obama is black.

Most likely, many of these idiots do not necessarily share McCain's vision for the future of America, whatever that may be (probably a vision of tanks crawling all over the Middle East, fueled by the $10 a gallon oil that will be filling Republican coffers 'til the cows come home). Quite the contrary: many are probably middle to low class Americans who would greatly benefit from a president who thinks that the richest 1.5% in a nation should bear a larger share of the fiscal burden than the rest, who would benefit from easier and cheaper access to healthcare, renewable energy, education, housing, and so on. These people are probably crushed under the weight of their humongous mortgages and credit card debt, and yet they believe, because of the great job done by the ruthless and disgustingly vile neo-con propaganda apparatus and because of their own ignorant and self-defeating bias, that John McCain is more like them than Barack Obama.

So let me take a moment to these dangerous, ignorant voters who are thinking of cutting off their noses to spite their white faces:

Unless you were born to a four star admiral, or are the nephew of a US Army Brigadier, have a net worth of tens of millions of dollars and have remarried to the daughter of one of the largest beer distributors in the USA (a woman with a net worth of over $100 million), I have news for you: as little as you have in common with Barack Obama, including the color of the skin that you attribute so much importance to, you have even less in common with Sen. John McCain.

Sen. McCain is well aware of this fact, and his campaign of attacks against Sen. Obama is proof of it. None of the ads I have seen in my home state of Colorado give any specifics of what a McCain presidency would do for you, America's losers with delusions of grandeur. Rather, the ads are designed to scare you into thinking that President Obama would raise taxes on you and lead the country into an economic disaster. Never mind the fact that Sen. Obama would raise income taxes only on households making more than $250k a year, a category that comprises less approximately 1.5% of all taxpayers in the U.S. And never mind the fact that for the dictionary definition of economic disaster you need to look no further back than the current administration, which McCain has aided and abetted for the last eight years, in spite of his much hyped and little deserved reputation as a maverick.

In closing, you ignorant racist, I want to remind you of this: your vote will make many lives worse, including your own. And guess what: your white skin will not prevent your transformation into what you have worked so stubbornly to become: a slave to the people you helped put in charge, and a willing one at that.

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