Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Curmudgeonly Love

The Constructive Curmudgeon, Denver Seminary professor and hater of all things liberal/statist, has been smitten with Sarah Palin at least since she entered the national fray in last year's presidential campaign. Since then, he has lavished as much praise on Sarah Palin, who is incapable of doing any wrong in his eyes, as he has poured contempt over President Obama and his administration.

As with all conservatives, particularly those of the Christocratic right, facts are nothing to be taken seriously, an inefficient nuisance. And so, tonight, a short post entitled "Sarah!" appeared on the Curmudegeon's website. With typical curmudgeonly enthusiasm, the post invites acolytes to read "Sarah Palin's excellent editorial on the wrongness of Obama's so-called 'Cap and Trade' tax apocalypse." Excellent? Sure! It comes from Sarah "The Goddess" Palin, so it has to be. Except...

Ah, those pesky liberals, always scouring the media in search of inconvenient facts! Did the Think Progress blog really have to dig up footage from the vice-presidential debate between Sarah and Joe Biden, where Gwen Ifill of PBS, no doubt another serpentine representative of the liberal media, trapped "The Goddess" into contradicting her future Washington Post editorial? When will the the liberal media stop ambushing the poor woman with trick questions?

And did that other insufferable liberal snob, Keith Olbermann, have to remind us that "The Goddess", one of America's greatest energy experts according to Sen. McCain, filled her op-ed with so many arbitrary opinions that it makes you wonder if "[t]he 'Op' in Op-ed could have stood for [facts] optional."

'tis such hard business, this "love" thang!

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