Friday, July 03, 2009

(If It Is True) Good Riddance!

Is Sarah Palin out of politics for good? Some say so. If true, good riddance.

In the year she spent in the political limelight, she has shown herself to be an extremely ignorant, conceited, nastily divisive, and petty politician. On top of that, she has often chosen to pose as the victim of a media conspiracy, instead of recognizing her own faults and inadequacies. She greatly deserved the negative press she got.

If indeed it is true that Sarah Palin is out of politics for good, that would be a good thing for the country, for women in politics (whose presence in politics would no longer be tarnished--by association--with the soon-to-be former Alaska governor), and for Republicans (who cares about them, right?), who have seen their already sagging reputation drop even lower since Sarah Palin made her entrance on the national political scene (coincidence? I think not).

My prediction? After she retires from office, we will not have seen the last of Sarah Ap-palin'. She will resurface in some nagging capacity (perhaps on Fox News), perhaps to run for office again in a few years. The woman is simply incapable of staying out of the public eye. She is full herself and narcissistic. Remember when the McCain/Palin ticket became the Palin/McCain ticket in her interviews and appearances on the stump? Her kind does not simply fade into the background.

Unfortunately, she will be back.

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