Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blind to Their Own Insanity

In a post titled "Insanity", the Constructive Curmudgeon complains that the press is trying to cover up the religious motives of the Ft. Hood killer (he is a Muslim and the Curmudgeon runs a right wing Christian blog.)

The Curmudgeon closes with the following question: "Now consider what the press would do if a Christian soldier turned on his own while shouting, 'Praise to King Jesus'." Luckily for him, our Christian soldiers are a bit more discreet when they do their killing in the name of JC. In other words, they do the killing without the shouting. Jeremy Scahill summed it up for The Nation.

Oh, by the way: The press on those who kill in the name of Christ? Unless you read non-mainstream press or watch Democracy Now, hardly a peep.

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