Monday, November 02, 2009

The Clash of the Teeny-Minded Narcissists

McJoan at the Daily Kos gives a good analysis of Douche Lieberman's appearance (yesterday) on the eminently unwatchable Face the Nation. Both of these idiots (Lieberman and Schieffer) vie for relevance, one by prancing around the Senate with his Joker-like grin, threatening to single-handedly kill health care reform while the limelight shines on his ephemeral ego-boosting trip, the other being as insipid as possible and holding back the punches, in the hope he will get to moderate yet another presidential forum or debate before he, hopefully soons, abandons the stage.

They are both excellent examples of how mediocrity prospers in today's United States and how the media reward political pettiness.

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