Friday, November 07, 2008

A Different Perspective

Here is an opinion (thanks Tom for passing it on) that comes from a very different angle than those usually represented on The Daily Fuel. I post it because I often decry the insane rage of the posts of one particular Christian fundamentalist on these pages (you all know whom I am talking about,) but that does not mean that I think all Christians are created equal.

America Has Chosen A President is a good example of the fact that--while we can disagree vehemently--civility and rationality do not have to be sacrificed.

By no means you should read this post as an endorsement of the views expressed by Mohler elsewhere. He wrote, for example "we must pray that Americans will vote by conscience, not merely on the basis of celebrity or emotion," which may be subtle code for "a vote for Obama is a vote for "*the* celebrity candidate," not one based on conscience.

Rather, you should consider this post my olive branch to any Christians I might have offended "by association" with The Constructive Curmudgeon.


Steve Schuler said...


Many Evangelical Christians as well as Political Progressives may not be aware of the increasing number of Evangelicals who are questioning the alliance between Christianity and extreme Right Wing politics. Jim Wallis has a website that might prove worth investigating by anyone who might be interested in exploring broader perspectives than those typically associated with evangelism. This link will take you to a recent entry in the blog "God's Politics" entitled "A New Faith Coalition".

I recommend this to anyone interested in exploring a progressive approach to politics within an Evangeliscal framework. I think Jim's thoughts may be helpful to people who may be, or who are willing to, question the marriage between the Radical Right and Religion.

Sirfab said...


Though I am not a believer, I have read Jim Wallis's God's Politics, and I totally endorse your recommendation of (a website I have subscribed to for a while now.)

It was quite heartening to find an evangelical leader capable of formulating a Christian perspective based on unity rather than division, on caring for your fellow-human beings rather than on demonizing anyone who does not conform with the most extreme form of Christian belief.

Thanks for bringing Rev. Wallis up in this conversation.

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