Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Loonies' Fear (Of The Leftist Media)

Here are a couple of closely related links: the first describes the relationship between people and the media under an Obama administration, and the second takes a look at the howls from the right about the perils of the Obama presidency.

Interestingly Jon Stewart spent the better part of tonight's The Daily Show debating his guest, Bill O'Reilly, on the absurdity of the fear of the great Obama unknown that O'Reilly's Fox News is peddling daily to its viewers. In the rest of the interview, Stewart questioned the myth, endorsed by O'Reilly, that we are a center-right nation, a meme that many MSM outlets have been echoing uncritically since the day of Obama's election.

The Republicans' most successful tactic against Democrats in power can be summarized as follows: when you have nothing going for yourself, the only way to look better than your opponents is to paint them as worse than you are. It could not have worked without the media's willing complicity. Absent significant changes in the media landscape, it will work again, no matter who's president. That is President-elect Obama's biggest challenge to overcome in the next four years.

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