Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Now It's Up To All Of Us

The people who elected George W. Bush got what they asked for, and what they deserved. We were innocent bystanders, for eight, long, nightmarish years.

President Obama comes with a lot of promise, but our job does not end with helping to elect him. Never forget: a President is only as good as the people that elect him and keep him in power. It's up to us, now, to rise to the occasion.


Steve Schuler said...


The following is the comment I made at Doug's blog this evening. I hope you will see fit to accept as a comment to your most recent entry.

I am pleased that Obama is going to be the next President of our United States. I am not gloating. John McCain is a man I have had, and continue to have, great respect for. I heard his concession speech this evening via internet, (whatever our differences I share your aversion to television). I was moved to tears. I take no pleasure in John McCain's defeat in this election. I hope you were able to hear his speech. We, as Americans all, must work together at this point to move forward. No doubt we face many challenges in the years to come. I hope we can all find some common ground and shared concerns that allow us to come together to begin to solve the many challenges we will face.

Sirfab said...

Steve: I do not share your respect for John McCain. The way he conducted his campaign speaks out for his character. His campaign epitomized the motto "the end justify the means." In my eyes, his concession speech does not erase the vileness of it all. But I understand that many Americans feel differently about John McCain than I do, and I understand their gratitude for his service.

Regarding Doug, I feel sorry for him and for those who think the same way he does, because they do not seem capable of finding the unity beyond the divisiveness they preach and endorse.

Doug's post entitled Weep, along with his recent statement that Obama's election would be a mark of God's judgment against the country, not one of approval, serve as better proof than any words of censure that I might write about him.



Tom said...

Hey Fab,

Looks like Obama pulled it off. I was really taken aback by the moment last night. I was alive when fire hoses were used on blacks who were peacefully marching for their basic civil liberties. And now we have an African-American President-Elect. Wow.

Sirfab said...

Wow indeed, Tom! And not only because a black man won, but because he had to defeat a campaign fueled by prejudice, lies, and hate orchestrated by a group of people that had already defeated two well-qualified white candidates.

Most amazingly, he did it without ever losing his cool, and by inspiring millions of people to think positively.

That, in a nutshell, is what separates him from John McCain, and from McCain's supporters like Doug Groothuis, who inspired their brainwashed army to think negatively all the time. It serves them well, I think.

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