Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Paul Krugman's Excellent Year

Paul Krugman's year keeps getting better. Not only he won the Noble Prize in Economic Sciences this year. In his New York Times blog he announces with joy that The Monster Years have ended.

I could easily add to his list of monsters a few of my own. Perhaps another time.


Tom said...


Have you had a chance to read David Brooks' latest column? I have to say that I'm largely in agreement with the general sentiment. I really hope that Obama will not use the fact that the Democrats have the White House and significant majorities in both houses of Congress as an opportunity to implement a partisan, 'liberal' agenda. Even though I would probably personally be in agreement with most items on such an agenda, I think that after the high level of partisan acrimony in the past two presidencies, what we really need, inasmuch as it is possible, is bipartisan rule from the center. Obviously, there will be significant difference of option, but if everyone believes his or her voice is heard and compromises are made all around, maybe the parties can work together on the daunting problems we all face.

Man, I sound like a dreamer, don't I?

Sirfab said...

Tom: I will believe bipartisanship when I see it.

I doubt that Obama will push an extremely liberal agenda, also considering that Harry Reid is hardly a gung-ho progressive. Obama will probably be rather too moderate in his style, which is one of the reservations I had when I decided to support him. For example, while I believe that the country needs universal, single-payer health care, he has only committed to universal coverage for children and no single-payer mandate. That does not go far enough, but as a reversal of the current trajectory it will suffice... for now.

Also, don't forget that the Bush administration has put pushed some rather heinous agendas which nothing short of their complete opposite will reverse. So in some cases bipartisanship will involve democrats moving to the center-right, but in many cases it should involve Republicans moving to the left. I fear bipartisanship where only the former of those two steps happens, and not the latter.

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