Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Discrimination, For God's Sake

By now you probably heard that a majority of California voters has passed a ban on gay marriages in that state. Ironically, the ban (labeled "Proposition 8") was passed on the same day that Barack Obama was voted the first black President of the United States. Even more ironically, the ban could not have passed without the overwhelming support of the black community.

I have already written about the trampling of the human and civil rights of gay people, here and here. My prediction is that gay marriage will be legalized by a majority of the states within my lifetime.

Now Keith Olbermann weighed in, with a special comment that hits the nail on the head, on many counts. Watch it below.

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Steve Schuler said...


Thanks for the video of Oberman's statement on this matter. The proposition 8 result could have been worse, that is it could have passed by a wider margin. Still, I hope that we can become more sensible in our regards for the rights of minorities. Justice deferred is Justice denied.

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