Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Those Who Elected This Douchebag Should Be Ashamed

Douchebag is probably not a strong enough epiteth for this piece of work who goes by the name of Paul LePage, Governor of the crazy state of Maine. What did he do to deserve me calling him names? For starters, LePage is in favor of relaxing Maine's child labor laws. Yes, because at a time where unemployment is still rampant, what the country needs is for children to enter the workforce and the clock being turned back to the 19th century.

But perhaps I misunderstand LePage. Perhaps he is a humanitarian and a realist who knows that if Republican wish-list policies are implemented, only the children of patrician class will be able to afford private school 20 years from now (there would no longer be any public schools), and everybody else had better get ready for a life of toil that should begin at 14 or earlier and end at 75 or later, since Republicans are also hell-bent on destroying Social Security.

LePage belongs in hell, but not the imaginary one that Christians believe in; a real one, where he should lose everything he has earned so far and has to make ends meet for the rest of his life on minimum wage, with no benefits, no Medicaid, and no Social Security to boot. Let him experience in the present a little taste of the future he wants to help build for future generations of Maine children.

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