Saturday, April 30, 2011

Unemployed = Lazy, Alcoholic, Drug Addict

The entries for the new SHITTERS (Stupid, Horrible, Idiotic Things That Excrementous Republicans Say) category don't stop coming. The latest is from GOP representative Blake Farenthold (R-TX). Via Think Progress.
Drug testing for recipients of various welfare programs, I really think that’s something that needs to be considered. We’ve gotta, you know, nobody wants to starve anybody. Everybody wants to help folks out. But we’ve got a system where you can stay on unemployment for an awfully long time. And I think we need to create a system of decreasing benefits over time to encourage you to get a job. I think anybody who’s had an alcoholic in their life or somebody with a drug problem, realizes that until things get bad enough there’s no incentive to change. I think that we’re so generous in some of our social problems that people are unwilling to get a job outside in the heat. Rather than get 15 dollars to go get roofing they’d rather get 9 or 10 dollars in benefits. I think drug testing is not an unreasonable requirement to get benefits.

Think Progress does an excellent job of breaking down the many ways in which this is an idiotic statement, so I invite you to click the link above to see for yourself.

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