Friday, April 29, 2011

The Townhall Protests No One Is Talking About

Remember all the folks that showed up at townhall meetings across the country in 2009 to protest against "Obama-care"? Of course you do, because the so-called liberal media covered them like a heating blanket on a hypothermia patient.

Well, there is similar backlash now against Republican representatives who voted for the "Ryan budget", a budget proposal so extreme that it would end Medicare and cut the top marginal tax rate for the wealthiest Americans by 10% percent (down to 25%). In townhalls across America, constituents are showing up to express their displeasure with their elected representatives, often grilling politicians who are totally unprepared for the barrage of tough--and sensible--questions. But have you heard about it? I doubt it, because the so-called liberal media--with a few notable exceptions like Cenk Uygur and Rachel Maddow, is covering these protests not "like" a blanket but "with" a sheet. The sheet usually reserved for corpses in a morgue. Because, after all, you don't bite the hand that feeds, do you?

The protests are also aimed at Republican support for subsidies to oil companies, which keep posting record profits quarter after quarter.

Well, here is a list of such townhall protests that Think Progress has reported on:

Freshman GOP Rep. Hultgren Dumbfounded After Constituent Grills Him On Oil Subsidies

Town Hall Citizens Confront Rep. Grimm Over Vote To Kill Medicare And Give More Tax Cuts To Rich

GOP Freshman Ends First Town Hall After Tough Questions On Tax Cuts For The Wealthy: ‘We’re Done’

Constituents Challenge Rep. Huizenga: ‘Your Party Has Become Of The Rich, By The Rich, For The Rich!’

Town Halls Spawn Main Street Movement Pushback On Republican Ideas

14-Year-Old Challenges Rep. Frank Guinta On Privatized Medicare: ‘What Am I Going To Do?’

Rep. Barletta Laughs At Constituents Who Question His Support For Oil Subsidies

Town Hall Attendees Tell GOP Rep. That Ending Medicare Is ‘Unconscionable,’ Demand ‘Tax The Rich!’

And that is just a partial list.

Be incensed, the situation demands it. And act upon your rage in November 2012. Vote th bums out that were voted in in 2010. It did not take them long to show their true colors.

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