Thursday, December 03, 2009

Does It Really Take A Child To Remind Us?

It does. It does take a child to remind us that the way we treat each other now, the way we handle finite resources, the decisions we make affect others, those who are alive and those who have yet to be born, in ways they can hardly control.

Global warming and climate change deniers would do well to read about the "precautionary principle", which many countries around the world have embraced, except for the most powerful.

We are (almost) all wrong. There are those of us who reserve the precautionary principle for the unborn only, while sweeping it aside nonchalantly when it affects anything other than unborn humans. Alas, the reverse is also true. There are those who would do anything to protect plant or animal species and who consider the unborn an undesired effect of selfish causes (please do not read this as a condemnation of all who are pro-choice, or an endorsement of all who call themselves pro-life. Life is a bit more nuanced than these idiotic, oversimplified categories).

Everything we do affects others. We are particularly despicable when we do harmful things that affect those who have no choice or say.

And now watch this video, and prepared to be chastised, and hopefully touched.

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