Sunday, December 20, 2009

Krugman On The Filibuster

Lately I have not linked to Paul Krugman's op-eds much, mainly because they were about things I did not feel particularly strong about. His latest op-ed, though, is about the filibuster, and that is definitely a subject I have a strong opinion about. Anyway, Krugman makes some good points, including how the use of the filibuster by Republicans since 2007 is at unprecedented levels.


John Stockwell said...

The primary reason that the filibuster
will not be modified, and the rule of 60
will not be changed is that someday
the Democratic party will be the minority
party again, and will need to have these
tools available for its use to avoid being
reduced to irrelevance.

Sirfab said...

The filibuster gives both parties cover in their mission to not get things accomplished. The Senate is where reform goes to die. That is why neither Democrats nor Republicans will vote to change the filibuster.

As far as irrelevance goes, Democrats are proving day in, day out, that they don't need Republicans to filibuster to achieve irrelevance. It's just the icing on the cake.

Happy holidays!

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