Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The End of A Dismal Decade

The Bush Years will easily be remembered amongst the worst in the country's history, says Juan Cole. Dare to disagree?

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John Stockwell said...

Yeah. I will. First of all, we have had
much worse periods. These were:
the Panic of 1890
The Great Depression 1929-1942

Let's compare with Juan Cole's list:

10. wage disparities. Nothing like the
pre-WWII era. Incidentally it is called *prosperity* when the rich
get richer. Right now, the rich
are getting poorer along with everybody
else. That is what a recession is.

9. food shortages. What a laugh! We have
had nothing in this era that compares with what my parents went through
in the Depression.

8. environment. Again, a laughable claim. Bush's "bad" environmental record was a day at the beach compared with the pre-1970s era of pollution in this country. People seem to forget that we have quintupled the population of the
US since WWII, and yet, the level of
pollution, per capita is nothing today
compared with that era.

7. Imperial presidency. Try FDR for a real imperial president. It took decades before freedom of the press was restored
in this country.

6. Katrina. It is just plain demogogurey to blame Bush for Katrina. New Orleans
was in a hole dug by the corruption of
the Lousiana legislature. Local authority gets first blame for
issues of emergency preparedness.

5. Yes. It would have been good if we
had concentrated on Afganistan, and
Iran, instead of Iraq. I would have
to say, however, that the sniveling
nay-saying rhetoric coming out of
the left seems to have been forgotten.

4. We likely should have invaded Iran
instead of Iraq. Having said that, I
would have to say that anybody in
that Commander-in-Chief chair would have
to realize that the alternative to
invading Iraq, would be sitting on
Iraq for the next 20 or 30 years. We did not have a plan
for dealing with Iraq after liberating
it from the Bathists. Things seem to
have gone better though in the past
couple of years, so ultimately history
may come down on the side of Bush on
this one, in spite of everything.

3. Financial collapse. Sorry, but
you can't blame Bush for that one.
That would have happened no matter who
was in the White House.

2. 9-11. Yeah, right. Blame the
Republicans for that one, while you
are at it. Indeed, if the Reagan
administration had not engaged in
the arms race that precipitated the
collapse of the Soviet empire, there
would have been no power vacuum for
the radical islamists to fill. Likely
Mr. Cole would have preferred that the
US aid the Soviet Union during that

1. Bush's first election. Basically
it was a tie, and all attempts at
recounts still showed Bush as the
winner. The election was resolved
by the rule of law, and if it had
gone the other way, I doubt that
leftists like Mr. Cole would have
uttered a peep.

So, no I am sure that we can find worse
times in the US, like right now
with more than 10 percent unemployment,
rampant socialist legislature passed
that will make all of us poorer in
the name of "wealth redistribution".

Not that I oppose the health care
legislation that passed. The
real solution would be to ban all
forms of health
insurance and return to "pay as you
go". That won't happen, so socialism
is the only way to go.

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